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  • I am Alexander

    Hi, I am Alexander, although most know me as Alex. I'm a young New Zealander with a strong passion for storytelling and film. I've been making films since the age of 9 and have been writing fiction and telling stories for as long as I can remember.


    My two current major projects are Patriam and Pakanga Rerekētanga with Patriam being my most developed work while Pakanga Rerekētanga is a new fictional setting I began working on in late 2021.

    I hope to eventually bring these two unique, complex, and diverse fictional worlds to the screens of millions around the world.

  • Patriam

    Tragedy struck. Experience life on the last habitable planet.

    What is Patriam?

    Patriam is a fictional universe of my own creation that I have been working on consistently for the past six years. In that time I have crafted an in-depth history of cultures, nations, people, events, languages, and so much more. Patriam's history spans millions of years with countless unique and diverse stories to tell and explore.
    It is my dream to transform The Patriam Universe into a multimedia enterprise of films, stories, videogames, and other such mediums so that I may share my work and stories to those who would be entertained by them across the globe.
    Currently, primary focus for Patriam is Patriam: Infinitus, a videogame project built for the decently sized community that have come to love Patriam and its rich lore over the years. This project will allow members of the community to create and play as characters within The Patriam Universe, roleplaying as if they truly lived in this fictional world while completing quests, building kingdoms, exploring the highly detailed map, waging huge wars across the seas and mountains, and almost anything else they can put their minds to.
    Alongside Patriam: Infinitus, I will be producing a new semi-animated series that will use the videogame project's engine with assistance from both the wider Patriam community and the dedicated team of creatives that have come together to bring The Patriam Universe alive over the last half decade.
    Below you can find more information about Patriam, its lore, and my past work within it.
  • Previous Patriam Projects

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    Patriam: Infinitus

    Patriam: Infinitus is my flagship project. Taking the lessons learned in Patriam: The Age of Kings, Minecraft's core mechanics, and completely transforming the game into an expansive open-world, survival-RPG.

    With a bigger team, a bigger community, and far bigger ambitions than ever before, Patriam: Infinitus will become my magnum opus upon its release to the world.

    Patriam: Hunted

    Patriam: Hunted is one of my proudest pieces of work that I have created since beginning work on The Patriam Universe.

    On only a budget of $150, myself and two close friends spent eight months working on this short film in an attempt to bring The Patriam Universe to live-action for the first time.


    On our tiny budget, we were able to source, costumes, props, and transport with the generous support of our family, friends, and the Nelson community.

    For our initial filming, we trekked into the Nelson bush and spent a weekend scouting locations and shooting the film.


    We then spent weeks editing the film including re-recording lines, colour grading, sound design, and music production in order to bring the film to life.


    Upon completion, we submitted Patriam: Hunted to the regional "Briefs Film Festival" in which we won awards for our efforts.


    I greatly enjoyed working on Patriam: Hunted and I am looking forward to working on new creative productions while I am studying a Bachelor of Screen Arts at Massey University.

    Patriam: The Age of Kings

    Patriam: The Age of Kings was a videogame project that simulated The Patriam Universe during an era known as "The Age of Kings". This project was a collaboration with a team of talented and creative people led by myself. Together we created an entertaining and fulfilling videogame experience for members of The Patriam Community to enjoy.

    Patriam: Conquest

    Patriam: Conquest was a videogame mod for the popular grand strategy videogame "Hearts of Iron IV".


    Patriam: Conquest would have allowed players to choose a nation during a Patriamic era known as "The War of The Five Nations". After selecting one of the many unique and in-depth nations, players would then be able to forge a new destiny for their Kingdom, Republic, Empire, or other such nationstate.


    Unfortunately, due to significant changes to Hearts of Iron IV's coding by its developer Paradox Interactive, it no longer became viable to continue working on Patriam: Conquest and the project was shelved with the Patriam: Conquest team joining on to help with Patriam: Infinitus.


    Should the opportunity arise again, I would greatly wish to resume development on Patriam: Conquest or another similar videogame project.

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  • Patriam: Infinitus

    The next generation of Patriam

    Patriam: Infinitus is my biggest and most ambitious project to date.

    Building upon the foundations and lessons learned from Patriam: The Age of Kings and my other videogame and film projects relating to Patriam, I hope to turn Patriam: Infinitus into a videogame experience that will last for years to come.

  • What is Patriam: Infinitus?

    A look at the past, present, and future of the project

    Open World RPG

    Patriam: Infinitus promises to be the most expansive, engaging, and entertaining experience that we have ever produced.


    With plans for hundreds of quests, a variety of different NPC Cities and Villages, ruins and mysterious "Precursor Sites" to explore, and the ability to shape your character's destiny in whatever way you see fit.


    Patriam: Infinitus will feel like stepping into a huge, vibrant, and populated new world with near-limitless possibilities.


    Geopolitics has always been a key component of Patriam, particularly its videogame releases.


    Patriam: Infinitus continues this focus with a big emphasis on player-led nations, roleplay, and interactions.


    As a nation, players have the opportunity to build vast cities, towering forts, sprawling infrastructure systems, and more, as well as having the ability to engage in trade, diplomacy, political intrigue, and if all else fails, war.


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  • A map of control between the different factions at the beginning of the New Zealand Civil War - January 14th, 1936

    Pakanga Rerekētanga

    Pakanga Rerekētanga is a fictional alternate world of my own creation. Set during a fictional crisis during the 1935 New Zealand election which eventually plunges the country into a bloody civil war on the eve of World War Two. Pakanga Rerekētanga explores the many different important figures and factions that spawn from this civil war and their response to an increasing tense and chaotic world which is preparing for a Second Great War.

    After completing a Bachelor of Screen Arts at Massey University I hope to use my acquired skills and knowledge to further my dream of producing creative media for Pakanga Rerekētanga

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